Cable & Harness Products

At the core of our contract manufacturing services is more than 100 years combined experience in designing and crafting high quality wires and harnesses products.  Why is this important?  We believe that mission critical interconnects lay the foundation for all systems.   And, experience and hand crafted wires and harnesses from Ascenx help deliver quality products our customers can depend on.       

Furthermore, inherent in our culture is a continuous strive to deliver the highest in quality cables and harnesses.   At Ascenx, our entire team not only produces high quality cables and harnesses but also delivers with exceptional customer services. 

We manufacture a variety of custom build parts including:
  • Molded or assembled cable assemblies
  • Coaxial cables
  • High power or low voltage
  • Voice and data communication cables
  • Modular patch cables
  • Audio and video, d-sub custom cables
  • Flat ribbon cable (communication)
  • High speed custom cables
  • Shielded and noise suppressing cables